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Henley Sculls 2016

Henley Sculls is scheduled to take place on Saturday 5th November 2016.

We will, once again, be running over a course of approximately 3,000 metres upstream from the bottom of Greenlands to the Royal Regatta finish.  
Entry and payment is via BROE. 

Thank you for racing with us. We all had a wonderful day and hope you did too... 
Results are now on our Results page.
Thank you too to all helpers, marshalls and umpires - fabulous people!

**NEW 2016**
This year Prize tankards will be awarded to the 
fastest Man, Woman, Junior Boy, Junior Girl 
(no time adjustments for age)

Trailers: - Please be aware that we only have access to regatta land for the day of our event. 
Gates open at 7:30am. Please do not arrive before this
(This also applies to Leander Carpark which is the property of HRR).
We are grateful for the support of the Stewards of Henley Royal Regatta and ask for your cooperation to help us maintain this.

Event Documents & Information will appear here in a timely manner:

Important information & request that YOU report your substitutions via BROE... 
            British Rowing are creating a ranking index, formed from individual athlete profiles. Therefore it is important that YOU report ALL substitutions, via BROE, as 
rankings will be affected by finishing position, NOT JUST WINS! 
Unreported substitutions will, or may, affect your athletes future racing status.
            Location and contact for minor injuries unit:
  • Welfare Statement and Welfare Plan
  • START ORDER -  We are fortunate in having a spectacular entry and know you will all enjoy some fabulous racing. It would help us enormously if your could please:
    • Share cars as much as possible (we have limited space)
    • Where possible put your boats on trailers
    • Be very organised in the boating area, if possible have someone who can deal with shoes/blades etc.
    • Make sure that you have reported all substitutions on BROE
    • Follow us on Twitter...for lots of useful witter...


  • Marshalling positions at start
  • Boating times please adhere to these times, it will help your day to run smoothly.